Posted by: stacie2147 | March 10, 2009

Bad weekend

This post is totally non-related to my fertility journey, but it explains why I haven’t been blogging so here it goes. 

Last weekend was an eventful one.  My computer died – technically just my hard drive but since my computer is about 8 years old it would cost more to fix it than to get a new computer.  (I can’t believe how the prices have come down!)  I bit the bullet and bought a new computer – not the top of the line, but one that will get the job done.  It’s due in on Friday, but I need an extra day for the Geek Squad to load the data from my fried hard drive on to the new computer.  Hopefully I haven’t lost that much…

Sunday my mother went to the hospital – again.  This is her second trip in three weeks, she wasn’t even home an entire week when the incident happened.  They are doing a slew of tests on her and trying to get to the root cause of her issues.  I didn’t want to blog about this as it’s personal – I don’t mind sharing my medical issues, but I don’t know that my mother would appreciate my sharing hers.  Suffice it to say she’s OK and getting the medical attention she needs.

Basically, even if my computer didn’t crash I wouldn’t have been available to blog because of my family situation.  I apologize, but I need to keep my priorities straight!  I’ll update this site later to inform you about our injection training and how the first shot goes.  In the meantime I’ll take any prayers you can give me for both my mother and myself.  THANKS!


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