Posted by: stacie2147 | March 12, 2009

Injection Training

We actually had injection training last week, but because of my PC dying and my Mom’s health issues I didn’t get to blog about this as planned.  Let’s pretend it’s Friday 3/6, shall we?

Joe and I went up to DHMC in Lebanon NH today for our injection training.  It lasted about 2 hours – I had no idea it would take that long!  Our nurse is a sweetie, she made sure we understood what she was doing and then had us practice in front of her to be sure we were doing it right.  (When I say we, I mean Joe – I’m needle phobic so since he’s the one that will be sticking me we thought it best for him to be the one practicing.)  I had an idea there would be a lot of vials to deal with from the amount of meds that were shipped to us, but I didn’t know we’d have to do our own mixing/measuring.  They included a coupler to make it easier to move between vials so that’s appreciated.  We also found out that we can do all the injections sub-Q, so Joe doesn’t have to stick me in the butt with a long needle.  We do our injections on my stomach with a small needle instead.  (Whew!)

In order to practice, we took an orange so that Joe wouldn’t have to stick me for real with saline.  We found out that was not necessary, they had a “fake butt” to use for practice injections.  It was odd – a mound of gelationous substance that when poked really did seem like human tissue.  Joe gave it a playful smack and sure enough it sounded like he smacked someone on the butt.  We all laughed our heads off when he did that, it helped ease the tension.  (I love him so much!)

There was a lot of info to absorb – different doses, different times, different meds, mixing, etc. but I think we’ll be just fine.  Our nurse gave us a cheat sheet by date telling how much of what to take and when, so we can refer to that if needed.  It seems like it’s taken us forever to finally get to this point, so I can’t believe we’re finally here.  I asked our nurse if this worked what my due date would be, and depending on when they do the egg retrieval it looks to be on December 26th.  I can’t believe I could have my baby by New Year’s if this works!  It’s getting very real now.  I’m trying to stay optimistic but not let my hopes run wild like they want to.


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