Posted by: stacie2147 | March 12, 2009

Starting Lupron

I got my first shot this AM, I can’t believe we formally started the IVF protocol!  I was very nervous about it, I kept waking up after having stress dreams about it.  In one dream we had to go to the hospital for the shot, in another I had to take a break from my supermarket checkout job (?!?) to get the shot.  Weird…

Joe was so good about it.  He was so patient with me, and very gentle.  I iced the area first so I was numb on the surface; it helped a lot!  I didn’t feel the needle, only the drug when injected.  When the numbness started to wear off the area felt tender – it still does now and has a little bruise there.  (So much for icing after to prevent that!)  I couldn’t look when he was doing it, I never can when I get shots or blood work done.  I hope I never have to give one to myself, EVER!  Joe asked if I was OK afterwards and I was, although I teared up a little bit.  Stress relief I think, I was so relieved it was over and truly was not painful.  Aside from the needle phobia, it’s no big deal!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  I’m sure it will get easier as we go along.

I’m curious to see if/when I get side effects.  I’m told it will be similar to what I experienced on Clomid: headaches, hot flashes and mood swings.  Lovely, aye?  My doctor said it shouldn’t be as bad as the Clomid experience because Clomid builds up in your blood stream each cycle and even carries over into the following ones.  Lupron doesn’t work that way so it should only get so bad before it peaks.  If I can handle Clomid I can handle Lupron.  At least I know what to expect!  I just hope that the mood swings continue to make me weepy, but not bitchy.  There’s no need for me to take out my discomfort on anyone, especially Joe.  He understands when I get weepy and gets me to laugh when I’m crying for no apparent reason.  (Odd when you do both at the same time, isn’t it?)  Will keep you posted on how I do, and in the meantime will hope for the best and try to keep a positive attitude.


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