Posted by: stacie2147 | March 13, 2009

2nd Lupron Shot

Remember how I mentioned icing my belly yesterday both before and after my shot?  Evidently I froze myself!  Here it is the following night and I STILL have a red blotch on my tummy from icing it yesterday AM!  I’m such a wimp about needles, I didn’t realize I would make things worse.  I thought I did what I was supposed to!   When the red splotch didn’t go away after a few hours I called our nurse.  She said it was fine, but to try an injection without icing it when I was comfortable enough to do so.  Evidently Lupron is the easiest shot to take out of them all and may not require numbing you up first.  Keeping that in mind, we tried the injection this morning without any icing.  Not fun.  Not horrible, not even bad, but not fun.  I could feel the needle and that skeeved me out, and then I could feel the medicine go in and burn.  The area was sore for a while, and developed a tiny bruise.  Joe said I jumped when he injected me, he could tell he was hurting me.  😦  I think what I did wrong when I iced myself was that I put the ice pack directly on my skin – no towel or cloth between it and me.  I also kept the ice on for several minutes while Joe was getting ready for work – I wanted to be absolutely sure the surface was numb before he stabbed me!  It was, but obviously at a cost.  Maybe tomorrow AM I can wrap the ice pack in a paper towel to put a barrier between it and my skin.  Hopefully the paper towel will be thin enough to protect me yet still allow the ice pack to effectively numb my skin.  I also won’t keep it on there very long, just barely long enough to get the job done.  If I still have issues with my skin turning red for days at a time because of it, then I’m going to just have to suck it up and take the shot without icing first.  I hope that’s not the case and that I figure this out before I have to start the stims, or I’m going to be in trouble.  I’m told they HURT.  (Sigh) 

On a different note, I don’ t seem to be having any side effects yet.  Granted this is my second day and I have plenty of time to suffer through them, but so far so good.  I am however PMSing a little bit and my breasts are tender, but that’s just because I stopped the BCP and will get my period in another few days.  Hopefully it will be an easy one as it’s not a full cycle this time, but knowing my history I won’t get my hopes up!  Even if it’s a bad one, I can take solace in the fact that it just may be my last period for 9 months!  Wouldn’t that be sweet!


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