Posted by: stacie2147 | March 14, 2009

Samurai Joe

My idea about wrapping the ice pack in a paper towel and keeping it on for a shorter time before my injection worked!  I didn’t feel the needle, however I sure as heck felt the pressure from Joe putting it in.  The stinging from the Lupron was minimal, so we’ll continue to ice the injection site  in this way going forward. 

Today’s technique for giving the shot however will not be duplicated.  This morning Joe poked me like a dart board, even though our nurse specifically told us we shouldn’t do it that way.  We were instructed to hold it like a pen and inject it gently.  Joe wanted to do it quickly for me, so he thought he’d try it the way his friend did when he went through IVF.  He held the needle like a dart and then stuck it quickly and forcefully into the skin like he was throwing a dart on a board.  I swear I could actually see him wind up for it!  Note that his friend’s version of administering a shot was practiced 15 years ago…evidently the preferred technique has changed, and in my opinion for the better.  I told Joe I heard him mentally saying “Hi-Ya!” when he administered it, to which he replied “I didn’t Samurai my Stacie!”  If he hadn’t jabbed me so hard all I would have felt is the medicine burn and not the needle, so we won’t be doing it that way again.  I bled a little this time too, which helped drive home the fact that the dart board technique was too hard.  I also bruised, but I’ve bruised every time so I guess I just need to expect that.  Joe felt really bad about it afterward; he never intended to hurt me and just wanted to see if this way would be quicker.  (It wasn’t.)  It took a few minutes for me to stop bleeding (just drops) so it was more than enough time for the guilt to set in and Joe to realize there was a reason they instructed us to do the shots the way they did.  I should also mention that I get my shots sub-Q in the belly, whereas Joe’s friend gave them IM in the butt with a bigger needle – evidently that minor difference didn’t occur to Joe while he was busy using me as a stick pin!  JUST JOKING!  This is a learning experience for us both, and as bad as I feel having to get the shots I know that Joe feels worse that he can’t be the one getting them instead.  He hates that it hurts me, and that he’s the one that has to cause that pain.  I’m grateful that he’s willing and able to give them to me at all – I sure as heck can’t muster up the courage to stick myself, I can’t even look when he’s doing it!  It really is a team effort.  I don’t know what I’d do without his strength, he really is my rock and helps me get through all of it.  I guess if it takes my being a dart board to have our baby I can tolerate it after all…


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