Posted by: stacie2147 | March 19, 2009

IVF billing woes

I got a call yesterday from the financial department of our IVF hospital looking for money.  When we originally talked, I was told that they needed our pre-payment before our egg retrieval/egg transfer surgery and procedures.  According to this accountant, she now believes it is due when we start the stims for IVF which will be a week from tomorrow.  Yet in the same sentence she said it was at the start of the shots for our IVF protocol, which is actually the Lupron shots suppressing ovulation that start two weeks prior to the stim shots.  If that’s the case, I’m a week late on a payment of many thousands of dollars!

I let her know that I intended to visit her on 3/26 when I go for my physical and baseline ultrasound to be sure I’m ready to start the ovulation stimulation drugs on 3/27.  I wanted to get the figures right because if I pre-pay I get a 10% discount on the services.  Because it’s a pre-pay I don’t have an invoice to pay against so I wanted to discuss with her how they need the checks done – they separate out bills between the fertility clinic and the hospital, even though the clinic is part of the hospital itself.  She originally told me the pre-payment was due before my ER/ET, and that’s going to happen during the week of 4/6.  I thought I was giving more than enough time to give her the checks in person on 3/26 and have them deposit, clear and be applied to my account before my surgery.

We also discussed the dollar amounts for the checks, and they didn’t add up to me.  They were lower than what I expected, and although I didn’t want to argue that fact I didn’t want to get billed later with an additional 10% fee because we didn’t straighten it out ahead of time.  We discovered the issue is that my monitoring during the stimulation phase is going to be done at DHMC in Manchester so I won’t have to drive 2 hours each way for a quick ultrasound.  DHMC Manchester will be billing me separately, so they took the office visit/ultrasound fees in bulk off my bill-to-be.  I questioned the fact that my 3/26 base line visit should be included in that fee, and that’s being done at DHMC in Lebanon.  That totally threw her for a loop – I guess they bill in bulk for those services, so she isn’t sure how to handle the billing for just that visit.  I also asked about pre-paying DHMC in Manchester, and she had no clue.  She said they could charge their own fees and that might not be the same as what they charged in Lebanon for the same services – even though it’s considered a satellite office and they work in tandem with patients.  She had no idea what their fee was or if they also gave a 10% discount for pre-paying.  She didn’t even have a contact person for me to ask for in their billing department to discuss this.  I can’t be the only person in NH that goes to a satellite office instead of driving for hours to the border of Vermont – otherwise what are those satellite offices for?  We’re talking about thousands of dollars here that I’m trying to pay them EARLY!!!  WTH?!?!  Is it just me?!?!


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