Posted by: stacie2147 | March 20, 2009

The side effects have arrived!

I think I may have cursed myself on an earlier post when I said the side effects hadn’t started yet.  They’re here!  I’m getting mood swings, although with the stuff going on with my Mom’s health I guess that could be expected.  I also cursed myself by stating that I hoped I got weepy instead of bitchy – although Joe may not mind that curse!  😉 

I was watching TV today and quite suddenly started sobbing.  I barely remember the movie I was watching, never mind the scene that set it off but I know it wasn’t sad!  All the while the tears are flowing and I’m hiccuping crying and my mind is saying WTH!?!?  Then it’s over as quickly as it started.  I was left feeling exhausted, dazed and a little bit confused.  Welcome to the world of Lupron!


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