Posted by: stacie2147 | March 22, 2009

1st Lupron adjustment

Today is the first time we downgraded our Lupron dose from 20u to10u.  Hopefully with the dose cut in 1/2 the side effects will be minimal…we’ll see!  I was weepy on Friday night, we went out to the movies and I cried twice during the show.  Not necessarily unusual for me, however we went to see The Watchmen which is not a movie to cry over.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an action/superhero/sci-fi film.  It’s not a chick flick, or a drama, and we deliberately chose it because we thought it was the one least likely to make me cry.  Wrong!  There were two scenes that got me going; first was a history flash-back showing JFK getting shot.  Down came the tears!  Interesting because I was not alive when JFK was in office, so I don’t feel any emotional attachment to him.  The second scene showed a cemetary with the 1985 NYC skyline in the distance.  I saw the twin towers of the WTC and again the tears came.  So did the sobs.  Thank God the theater was dark and not too full, I was so embarrassed!  I tried to keep it quiet and Joe didn’t seem to notice so I doubt anyone else did.  But in my head I was making a scene and I was mortified!  I hate the internal monologue that goes on when these bouts happen:  “Stupid tears, stupid Lupron, what’s wrong with me?  You know what’s wrong with you, it’s the stupid hormones!  Calm down and get ahold of yourself already!  I’m trying, don’t yell at me!”  Now you know where the phrase Loopy on Lupron came from.


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