Posted by: stacie2147 | March 29, 2009

It’s a go!

I had my ultrasound on March 26th and everything looks good.  My ovaries are in good condition and my uterine lining is nice and thin like they want.  My estrogen level is good too, although they didn’t tell me what it was.  Regardless, “good” is good!  The ultrasound technician let me know that I have 8 follicles growing in each ovary – a potential for 16 eggs and I haven’t even started the stimulation drugs yet!  I was so excited, I didn’t realize I could get a follicle count on my baseline appointment.  When my nurse called to give us the go ahead on the stims for the 27th she was excited to see that I had so many “ladies in waiting”.  She warned me that not all of them may mature, even with the stimulation drugs, and that they may not be able to capture all the mature ones during harvest.  Even so, we have enough to start with so that even if we don’t get as many healthy ones, we should still have a sufficient amount to fertilize and grow well enough to transfer a few.  She also warned me that if we have to do this more than once not to expect so many follicles again, that each cycle is different.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll only have to do this once.

I also met my second acupuncturist today and did a session with her.  My regular practitioner is in Nashua which is about 2 hours away from the hospital so we can’t use her immediately before/after the transfer.  My nurse recommended this woman instead, she’s over the border in Vermont but is only about 12 minutes away.  She’s very nice, I’m comfortable with her already so I’m sure it will work out well when the time comes.  She does have a different technique however; she uses the Japanese traditional method while my regular gal uses a Chinese method.  Both have similar points but the needles are different and they are inserted differently as well.  Fortunately my acupuncturists discussed my case together and devised a treatment plan so we’re all on the same page.


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