Posted by: stacie2147 | March 29, 2009

Not a good start on the stim drugs

What a day Friday the 27th worked out to be!  Joe and I started the stimulation drugs and right from the start had problems.  Our injection training was 3 weeks ago and although we’ve been doing the Lupron injections the stim shots are a whole other story.  We forgot what we were doing and screwed up our first dose.  Joe forgot how to mix the drugs so he had me do it, and evidently I wasn’t paying as close attention in the class as I should have.  I guess I assumed that since Joe was the one practicing that he’d remember.  Well you know what happens when you assume, right?  Yeah…  I had the theory right about mixing the liquid into the powder Menopur to dissolve it, however I totally forgot that we did not need to use the saline included in our drug pack to do so as the Follistim is already in a liquid form.  I mixed them all and there was too much liquid in the vial – Joe took the needle out and it squirted on his face!  Oops!  We both freaked out; me because I knew the dosage was now messed up, and him because he thought he was going to start growing boobs from the exposure to the meds.  We called our nurse and she had us scrap that first injection and start over.  She explained it again and it made perfect sense, and we haven’t had any problems doing the mixing since.

The stim shots are more painful than the Lupron.  It stings like an S.O.B. when it gets injected, then an area at least the size of a softball around the injection site aches for around 90 minutes.  That’s with icing.  Without, well that just plain sucks.  I found that out the hard way!  Friday was my Mom’s birthday, and we had a little party for her at the rehab center.  The party was right when my night shot was required, so I had to pack up the meds and take them with me.  The ice packs thawed out by the time I needed them, so my skin was cooled but not numb.  Poor Joe had to mix the meds and then give me the shot in Mom’s room, in front of both Mom and her roommate.  Not exactly the ideal situation, especially since it hurt SO MUCH!  It brought tears to my eyes.  If we ever have to do those shots outside of home I’m going to make darn well sure we have a way of icing the area properly.  One good note was that my sister in law also watched him administer the shot just in case in the future Joe isn’t home and I need her to inject me instead.  God bless her, she’s up for the task even after witnessing the most painful shot I’ve ever received!


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