Posted by: stacie2147 | March 31, 2009

Stim drugs getting easier to tolerate

Joe and I decided to try the ovulation stimulation injections with me lying down.  The theory is that when I’m sitting up, my stomach muscles are tensed.  I tense up everything else too when it’s time for him to give the shot.  Lying down my tummy is stretched out flat (as flat as it’s going to get at this weight) and I put a pillow over my head so I don’t see Joe coming at me with the needle.  That allows me to clench the pillow and I can keep the muscle tension in my hands and arms so it does not affect the shot.  So far the stim shots still hurt, but they seem to hurt a little bit less this way. 

As for side effects, I’ve had a headache since Saturday.  Seriously!  Right now it’s just low grade pressure, but Sunday it was almost migraine strong.  (I’ve never been diagnosed with migraines so I’m guessing, or exaggerating!)  All I am allowed to take for medicine is Tylenol, which usually does not do anything for me.  I can’t take my allergy medicine so I am not sure if this is all stim side effects or partially allergies since it is the beginning of Spring.  Regardless, it’s annoying.  I’m going to have to look around for homeopathic remedies and see if my doctor will allow those.  He won’t allow me to take Chinese herbs with my acupuncture, so I’m not sure that he’ll allow any “natural” remedies either.  It’s worth a try!



  1. I can almost promise its the stims.. menopur just about killed me.. but I found that chewing minty gum helps.. why? no clue. I’ve been reading and praying for you.

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