Posted by: stacie2147 | June 25, 2011

Long, Long, Long Overdue Update!

I’ve recently started blogging again, most selfishly because of a contest to win an Amazon Kindle, and I realized I’ve left one major detail out along my journey through IVF.  IT WORKED!!!  I was shocked that I hadn’t at least revealed that at some point over the last year!  I know I was paranoid about saying so while I was pregnant, in case God forbid something went wrong.  There were a few complications with the pregnancy and delivery, however I have a wonderfully healthy and perfect baby boy.  One that I don’t think I would have if it weren’t for IVF.  I was thinking about changing this to a Mommy blog, but I’m not so sure I want to corner myself into just one format.  I’d like to ramble about whatever strikes me at the time, although now a days it’s most likely baby related anyway.  So on the days that I have some spare time (hah!) I might just pop on with a little note here and there.

In the meantime, I have to mention the website Bargain eBook Hunter for Kindle/Nook/Kobo listings as well as a contest to win a new Amazon Kindle.  Here is an excerpt from their About page to give you a better idea of what the site is all about.

Welcome to Bargain eBook Hunter where we track the best ebook bargains!  What will you find on our site?  We’re dedicated to hunting through the digital publishing world looking for eBooks at great deals (from FREE to $2.99) and putting them on our site to provide you, the reader, with a one-stop shopping experience.  You will find titles that comprise the full gamut of styles from short stories to novels and from all genres.

Check out the site and while you are there don’t forget to enter their contest!


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