Hi!  I’m Stacie from Southern New Hampshire.  My hubby and I have been trying to conceive a child since we got married in June of 2005.  It’s been a long journey so far; one that has lead us to IVF as a solution to our unexplained infertility.  I decided to document this experience so I could remember and share the details of the road traveled. 

If you experience infertility it has a tendency to make you feel alone – you suddenly see babies and pregnant bellies everywhere.  I joined a  website called Fertility Friend and discovered I’m far from alone; many others are on the same long journey I am.  I thought that this blog might help anyone else going through through IVF, so that even if they are not on FF they too can discover that they too are not alone, and that infertility is far more common than you might think.

I’m starting this blog at the beginning of my IVF experience, but I thought I should include a little background as to what lead us to IVF.  Initially we assumed our difficulty conceiving might be due to my hypothyroidism as I had difficulties getting my hormones leveled out.  All is well now, so due to our age and time trying to conceive we contacted a Reproductive Endocrinologist in May of 2008 to help us out. 

After blood tests on us both, a clear HCG and good sperm analysis we were diagnosed with unexplained unfertility.  Because of my longer cycles and the fact that hypothyroidism can make you annovulatory, my RE suggested Clomid/IUI for 4 cycles.  That didn’t work so we moved on to IVF per his recommendation.  We then did a mock transfer and sonohystogram in preparation for the IVF protocol and it revealed a polyps in my uterus.  Surgery to remove it was in mid-January 2009 so IVF was postponed until March/April to allow my body time to heal.

In the meantime, I’ve been going to acupuncture and taking B-Complex vitamins along with pre-natals, Omega 3’s and Calcium to assist with having a healthy baby.



  1. Hi Stacie! I came across your blog by doing a Google search for “IVF blog”, and I’m looking forward to reading about your journey. You’re a little bit further along than I am (I start BCP’s tomorrow), but we’ve already had our injection class, so it’s countdown time. 🙂 Good luck with everything!

  2. Dont feel you are alone. There are many with infertility problems. Have positive approach and all will go well. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

  3. Stacie,
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