Posted by: stacie2147 | March 3, 2009

BCP Side Effects

I’ve been taking birth control pills for 4 days now, and am already getting side effects.  I have a headache again, same place as last night.  My stomach is “nervous”, although I don’t feel nervous if you know what I mean.  I HATE these pills – I keep wondering when the break through bleeding is going to start.  When I took these before it was like I had my period for 3 weeks straight, then stopped just in time for my surgery so I could bleed some more.  I talked to my doctor about changing the prescription, and they didn’t want to do so. Evidently this type is the same dose pill for three weeks, instead of many on the market that are 3 different doses (or triphasic) that more closely mimic our hormone fluctuations.  The triphasic type usually have less side effects, however the one dose type is preferred for IVF preparation.  I was told that the break through bleeding (nevermind spotting!) could happen if you didn’t take the pill at the exact same time of day every day.  I hadn’t been that regimented with it before, but after complaining about it and subsequently timing my doses nothing changed, so I’m expecting it to happen this time around too.  I’m taking it at the EXACT same time now, right from the beginning, so maybe it will be minimal?  We’ll see…

Posted by: stacie2147 | February 28, 2009

Bloodwork Results

I was out and about all day yesterday and didn’t get the chance to blog.  When I finally came home after midnight I checked voice mail and heard back from my nurse coordinator.  Both my estrogen and thyroid levels are good; we are exactly where we need to be to move forward with the IVF protocol next month.  WOO-HOO! 

I am SO glad I insisted on seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist instead of a standard OB/GYN when we decided to get medical help getting pregnant.  The double specialty has served me well.  My RE thought my thyroid level was too low for optimal fertility, so he raised my dose of Synthroid.  This last blood test confirmed I’m at the right level now.   I had such a hard time getting to my supposed “normal” level with my PCP so I’m aggravated to discover I was stopped short of reaching the level where I truly was supposed to be.  (My PCP thought my thyroid was fine, although it was in the low end of normal.)  Having my infertility doctor be both an OB/GYN and an endocrinologist specializing in fertility so far has worked out wonderfully for me.  Even if I don’t get pregnant (no-jinx!) there are other health benefits to having my thyroid level corrected, so I’m grateful it was taken care of.  (Finally!)

Makes you wonder if one last simple prescription change would have done the trick for us before we got to the point where IVF was necessary…  Hypothyroidism can make ovulation inconsistent, can make your cycle length and ovulation time unpredictable and may prevent you from ovulating at all.  Medication can regulate all of that, however I’m not sure if I was actually “regulated” before now – I’ll never know if my fertility was sub-par because of the lack of that final dosage adjustment.   I can’t think about the “what if’s”; there are so many of them with infertility issues it will drive you crazy!

Posted by: stacie2147 | February 26, 2009

Starting BCP

It’s CD3, so I had my blood drawn to check my estrogen and thyroid levels.  Then I was allowed to start my birth control pack.  I’m going to have to be vigilant to take it at the exact same time every day, evidently that was part of the reason I had such a bad time taking them before my surgery.  Hopefully I won’t have the breakthrough bleeding (nevermind spotting) or sore breasts this time around.  I doubt it will be any different, but I can hope, can’t I?

I also had this week’s acupuncture appointment.  I love going, she put an extra point in my belly to help with the cramps and put the heat lamp on my belly as well.  I felt so much better by the time I left!  I was nice and relaxed, and the cramps were almost gone.  I wish I had the money to go each month on the first three days of my period, she makes such a difference with the cramps!  I stopped on the way home and got a quick pick for powerball – if I win the lottery I’ll go more often.

Posted by: stacie2147 | February 24, 2009

I got it! I got it!

I’ve never been so excited to get my period!  It finally came this morning; I can see light at the end of the tunnel!  This means I need to go get blood drawn on Thursday to check my thyroid and estrogen levels, then I start BCP.  This is truly the start of my first IVF cycle, as it is all scheduled against this cycle.  Yes, I’m crampy, but this may just be my second to last period for 10 months so if I look at it that way I feel great!

Posted by: stacie2147 | February 23, 2009

Hello world!

This is my very first post, I’m no longer a blogger virgin!  If you’re reading this blog you’re discovering details in my journey to conceive a child with my husband.  We’re waiting to start IVF in March/April and hope it will give us the baby we’ve been longing for.  The About tab on this blog will give you a quick background as to how we came to IVF.

Right now I’m waiting to get my period so I can start on birth control pills to suppress ovulation and give my ovaries a rest before we start stimulating them with shots in the IVF cycle.  I’m over a week late, but we weren’t sure what to expect this cycle as it’s my first after having surgery to remove a polyps in my uterus.  Hopefully Aunt Flo is on the way, I’ve been having all sorts of PMS symptoms for the last week or so.  My cramps have kicked up a notch today so I’m hoping that’s a sign it will finally begin.  We’ll see!

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